Some Free Tips on Buying Eyeglasses

With the advent of modern technology, customers can order eyeglasses from the online store conveniently from their own homes. You will need to obtain a prescription from your optician before you can make the eyeglass. Some optometrists will take the initiative to measure the papillary distance while others don’t. If you are a regular customer of the optometrist, he will probably measure the papillary distance for free. If he does not offer papillary distance measuring service, you have to take the measurement yourself. After you have obtained the prescription, you can proceed to order the eyeglass online.

You will have to choose a frame before you can customize the lens. The online store sells a variety of frames. Generally, the frames can be made from stainless steel, titanium, flexon and plastic. Stainless steel frame is one of the most common frames in the market. It is light weight and contains a low level of toxic content. It does not contain nickel and is hypoallergenic. Stainless steel frames are resistant against the heat and abrasion.

Flexon is a metal that is made from the titanium alloy. It was first introduced by a company called Marchon. It is called memory metal. Flexon frames are lightweight and resistant against the corrosions, just like the stainless steel frames. According to Marchon Company, the Flexon frame is about 25% lighter than the standard metal. They are lighter compare to ordinary metal frames. Aluminum frame is high quality because it is highly resistant against corrosion. High end designer frames are made from aluminium. Aluminum is often used to create high end designer frames because it offers a unique look.

Some stores sell eyeglass frames that are made from unusual materials such as wood, and bone. Buffalo horn is also used to make the eyeglass frames. Normally, wood and buffalo horn frames are handmade. They are stiffer and more difficult to adjust due to the type of materials they are made from. They are also very expensive because they are rare in the market. They are able to offer elegant looks for the wearers. They can keep you warm according to the body temperatures. Leather is often installed on the temple or front of the frame. Wood frames can be embellished with precious stones such as swarovski crystal, turquoise and diamonds. If you want a cheaper wooden frame, you can buy one that is embellished with rhinestone., as the professional online eyeglasses store, provides customers with a large collection of quality prescription glasses at competitive prices. With considerate customer service and high quality and cheap glasses, it is worthwhile for you to visit.’s return and refund policy makes your purchase with risk-free.