No Red Eyeglasses For the Elimination of Pearl Eyes

The recent clinical researches reveal that pearl eyes are no longer only-for-the-elders eye diseases. Sufferers concerned come to be younger and younger. It is reported that there are even people suffering from pearl eyes who are merely 30 years old.

Up to now, pearl eyes constitutes the eye disease ranking first that contributes to blind eyes, and 60% people above 65 have pearl eyes. Middle ages above 50, due to the aging of organs, would fall into the cataract group as well. Young people, due to great pressure from work and unhealthy working habits, would also unfortunately become a member of the cataract group. Additionally, staring at the computer screen too long time and using cell phones too often are among the factors leading to the youth oriented of pearl eyes.

Another factor that would result in the youth oriented of cataract group should be the fact that young people are exposed to harmful rays too long time. In modern society, outdoor activities vary, ranging from skiing to hiking. Usually people would choose sunglasses to protect their eyes, which is thought to be a good and recommendable way, however, red sunglasses are not considered to be ideal choices.

Red eyeglasses are merely suitable for indoor activities, because they perform better in soft light. If shone by strong sunlight, the light would be severely refracted, as a result of which, damage to the eye lens would be caused. Usually the early symptoms of pearl eyes can be impaired vision, limited vision, bad performance of spatial vision, low speed in reading and unsatisfactory adaptability of eyes. Therefore, when you find you have one or some symptoms listed above, you should in time come to see an eye doctor to check whether you’ve had pearl eyes. If you have, a surgery is necessary. Fortunately, with the development of medical care, a pearl eyes surgery would take only 2 to 3 minutes.

Exports remind all the eyeglass wearers that they should be cautious of red eyeglasses, both red prescription eyeglasses and red sunglasses, so that possibilities for them to get cataract would be greatly reduced. And if they want to minimize those possibilities, they are advised to try their best to keep off kinds of radiations. For example, they could receive cell phones by wearing earphones, and spend less time sitting before a computer, etc..