Contact Lenses Or Glasses – What Should You Go For?

Contact lenses and glasses are successfully used in the fashion industry because of their aesthetic or fashion values. But these fashionable eye wears are admired also for another useful aspect. Contact lenses and glasses are very helpful for improving the vision and to cope with ocular problems.

However, the choice between them banks on the degree of your ocular problem. Most people find that glasses are easy to wear rather than contact lenses. On the other hand, some people love to wear contact lenses instead of glasses. However, both are designed to improve vision quality and to treat eye problems.

Contact Lenses – How they help?

• Better Vision

Unlike glasses, lenses are lightweight and virtually invisible. They assist in improving the vision and help to adjust refractive errors by altering the focusing power of cornea and lens of the eye.

• Treat Eye Problems

They are successfully used to treat certain eye problems like unequal vision, astigmatism, farsightedness and short sightedness. People who have been operated on for cataracts can easily wear them.

• Stylish & Comfortable

Many people think that glasses don’t look good or they are uncomfortable with their weight. Image conscious people can use contact lenses as an alternative to glasses.

• Lens Power

In comparison of glasses, the lens strength of this lightweight eyewear is slightly lesser. As they are worn more closely than glasses, so they can easily improve shortsightedness. However, a high power is required for correction of farsightedness. But once the farsightedness is fully corrected, the wearer will enable to do close work more easily, and there is no need to wear them for a long period of time.

• Careful Handling

They need pretty different care from glasses, depending upon the type which you are using.

Glasses – Why you need them?

• Improved Vision Quality

Eye glasses are used to help with certain ocular problems and for improving the vision. Various ocular problems are easily prevented by the use of glasses because they can easily adjust the focusing power of cornea and lens of the eye. Glasses are helpful for the conditions of farsightedness or hyperopia and nearsightedness or myopia.

• Easy to Use

Most people are comfortable with glasses and they think that they are easy to handle, and for this reason people frequently used to wear them as compare to lenses.

• Improve Eye Concerns

Glasses can improve different eye impairments due to their extreme magnification. People, who have problems of albinism or bioptics, can easily improve their distance vision with the help of glasses.

• Proper Cleaning

Keep one thing clear in your mind that glasses require proper cleaning. They must be cleaned several times a day.

Definitely the Choice is yours

No matter what you prefer, either contact lenses or glasses, the fact of the matter are that both are affordable and valuable. Depending on what you are comfortable with and how you want to look, these eye wear can play a significant role in your life.