Foster Grant Reading Glasses

Foster Grant reading glasses are a fashionable accessory as well as functional ones. Available in many different styles and lens strengths, these accessories are popular for those who do not have bad enough vision for continuous use of glasses, but only need them for occasional reading. They are easily placed in a purse or pocket and carried everywhere. Due to the inexpensiveness of these items, people sometimes choose to own several different pairs at once.

Foster Grant reading glasses are available online in different styles. One example is the 3 Pair Foster Grant Titanium Reading Glasses–1.50 Strength. Made in a stylish titanium metal frame, these easily match any outfit and can be worn by both men and women. Each order comes with three identical pairs of reading glasses to be left at work, at home, and one pair to be taken with you.

The lenses are light weight and scratch resistance and come with a comfort designed nose rest. Consumers who have previously purchased this accessory have given them a rating of five stars out of a possible five stars, stating that “the glasses are great” and that they would order them again.

Foster Grant reading glasses are also available in other colors. The Foster Grant Reading Glasses Kristin Full Rim Metal-Burgundy (+1.25) are an example of another color available. Also made with a metal frame, the metal in these glasses is burgundy in color and completely surrounds each lens, and might be more comfortably worn by women.

They have a prescription strength of +1.25 and are usually used for mild far sightedness. They also come standard with comfort designed nose pads. The manufacturer does recommend that these accessories only be worn by those who are eighteen years of age or older.

Foster Grant reading glasses are also available in different colors and lens strengths. The Foster Grant Reading Glasses Reporter Full Rim Plastic-Tort (+2.00), are also offered and available online. These accessories feature rims that are not made of the usual metal, but of a plastic instead. The brown plastic rims extend around each lens fully and are colored to resemble a more expensive tortoise shell style.

This item also comes standard with two comfort styled nose rests. These lenses are offered in a +2.00 prescription strength and are recommended for far sightedness. The manufacturer also recommends that these glasses only be worn and used by people eighteen years of age and older.

Foster Grant reading glasses can be bought for one self or purchased to be given as a gift for a friend or loved one. Many people choose to own several different pairs so that they are not continuously searching for a pair of glasses to read with. Both men and women can wear the same styles and colors, especially those that have metal frames.

They are also available in many different prescription strengths and are more affordable than going to an aye doctor for custom made glasses. Luckily, a wide selection of spectacles for farsighted people is available online.

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