Buying Prescription Glasses Online

If you are fed up with paying extortionate prices for your spectacles then maybe it’s time to consider buying prescription glasses online. A few years ago this would have been considered a risky thing to do by most people as some high street opticians would scaremonger customers into believing that purchasing spectacles online would only lead to problems with choosing the correct lenses and selecting the appropriate frame size. However, these myths have been dispelled as the online glasses industry has exploded over the past five years and more customers these days are finding the process of purchasing prescription glasses online as simple as buying any other product on the internet. Some people will argue that this is because most people who choose to buy online are much more savvy these days when it comes to finding the desired item for the lowest price and making sure the company they purchase from has a good reputation.

In the days before the internet became widely accessible, the small independent opticians and major high street stores held the monopoly in the prescription glasses industry and would charge customers ‘through the nose’ for a basic pair of frames with standard lenses. If you were unfortunate to have a relatively high prescription then you would have to pay even more to have your lenses thinned down which could lead to your prescription glasses costing a small fortune. Those days, thank goodness, are over now that there are more and more prescription glasses retailers opening for business every year on the World Wide Web. The benefits to buying prescription glasses online can be huge when it comes to grabbing a bargain as there are plenty of retailers out there offering designer glasses for less than a third of what you would expect to pay on the high street. This is very good news for glasses wearers as it gives the consumer a much wider choice of frames enabling them to buy high end designer frames for same amount that they would have previously spent on a non-designer budget brand at their high street opticians. It also enables people to invest a little more in purchasing good quality prescription lenses with lens extras such as a multi layered anti reflection coating to reduce glare or a good optical quality varifocal with reduced distortion on the edge of the lenses.

Just remember that when it comes to buying prescription glasses online you should first make sure that the company you purchase from are an established and trusted retailer with qualified staff working behind the scenes. Secondly, always ensure that the glasses retailer provides a telephone number that you can contact them on whist your order is being processed in case you need to chase your order or ask for advice about your prescription glasses. And last of all; make sure that you have kept up to date with your sight examination from your optician as the General Optical Council (GOC) will only allow online glasses retailers to process orders with a valid, up to date prescription from the customer.

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