Turning 40 Soon? Time to Starting Thinking About Reading Glasses

It is always a shock the first time you look at a phone book and the numbers do not seem to be there. Your vision often changes when you enter your 40’s, and you’ll find you need the assistance of reading glasses. Distance vision may or may not be affected at this time. Many people, even those who have had perfect vision all their lives, will find that reading has become a chore.

If you find that you are in need of reading glasses you have many options to choose from. Reading glasses can be purchased from any drug or grocery store. Many higher end stores offer designer lines of reading glasses. You can purchase glasses in a full size or the half glass size. Again, this is a personal preference.

Don’t be surprised if everything looks blurry when you look up and across the room. Reading glasses are designed for just that, reading. They are not meant to assist in distance seeing.

People who do a lot of close up work may wish to use the full size glasses. When you need to focus on something for an extended period of time, this style of glasses seems to cause less eye strain than its counterpart. For those who only need to use the glasses for certain occasions, such as looking up a phone number, the half glasses may be more suited to your needs. The half glass will allow you to look down to read when needed, and above the glasses when you are looking forward.

Reading glasses do not require a prescription. When you go to the rack to try them on there will be a reading chart present that you can use to test the strengths. Start from the weakest setting (1.0) and try to read the chart. When you have a comfortable strength, one that allows you to se clearly, all you will need to do is pick out your style.

If you find that you are continually returning to the store to purchase stronger glasses, or if your distance vision is failing, you should consult an eye doctor. Reading glasses are not meant to be a replacement for proper eye exams or care. They are simply a convenience tool in-between check up’s at the doctor. Also, if you seem to be getting frequent headaches when you use reading glasses you should schedule a regular eye exam. A customized prescription to meet your exact needs will help alleviate this problem.