Glasses For Computer Users

Any new technology brings with it new avenues and new health risks. There is no doubt that computers have become a major tool to study, work or conduct business. More and more hours are now being spent in front of computer screens. While no one will argue that overall productivity has increased, these long hours in front of computers have also given rise to symptoms like eyestrain, dry eyes and headaches with blurred vision. These symptoms are collectively called Computer Vision Syndrome. Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) results due to the fact that the eyes and brain react differently to the words appearing on a computer screen than to the printed words.

The regular prescription glasses are not enough to counter these symptoms. Most of the times, it has been seen that computer users with regular prescription glasses, to have a better look, try to lean forward to the screen or they look at it through the bottom portion of the lenses. These tricks don’t work much and instead lead to back and shoulder pain. Computer glasses are an impressive alternative which can help you to take care of CVS and allow you to use computers without risking your vision.

Generally, computer screens are placed a little further away than the distance regarded comfortable for reading. In computer glasses, the whole lens is positioned in such a way that it focuses at the same distance. This effectively reduces the need to tilt the head to get better readability.
There are three different kinds of specially designed computer glasses:

i) Single vision computer glasses are the simplest kind with the entire lens designed for seeing the computer monitor. Though the single vision computer glasses are popular among all age groups, they do suffer from a disadvantage – objects farther and closer than the computer screen appear blurred.

ii) Like regular bifocal glasses, “Flat – Top bifocals” have their lenses divided in two halves. The top half is used to look at the screen, while the bottom half is used for dealing with nearby objects.

iii) Computer glasses with variable focus have small top segments at the top and bottom of the lens, which are used to see nearby and distance objects respectively. The huge intermediate part is used to view the computer screen.

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