Crazy Non Prescription Contact Lenses Are Fun

If a wild, strange new look is what you are after, for a Halloween party or a school play for example, you’ll love crazy contact lenses! You can have the strangest and weirdest looks, such as those as seen in horror movies with a pair of these crazy, wild lenses.

These non prescription lenses aren’t formulated for vision correction but only to modify the color or look of your eyes. You will not need to get a prescription and they are available in opticians and other places as well as on line. However, you would be advised to consult an optician before you buy a pair to ensure that they will be appropriate for you. A few individuals should not use non prescription lenses, those with diabetes for instance, who may be more prone to eye diseases. Consequently if you suffer from any eye problems always talk to a professional health care provider before using these lenses. Should you find that they cause irritation or discomfort you need to stop wearing them and see your doctor or other medical practitioner.

Crazy contact lenses are made in a huge range of styles including black eyes, white eyes, spider webs, flags, vampire eyes and many different colors. They can be bought in both standard or monthly types. Standard lenses will usually last a year or more if taken care of correctly, but monthly lenses are supposed to be thrown away after using for around a month. Standard lenses are more expensive and also more comfortable..

Although non prescription and bought for fun, these types of lenses should be taken care of correctly just like regular prescription lenses. You must keep them clean and soak them in the proper solution in accordance with the makers directions. You must make sure you insert them with spotless hands that do not have traces of soap or solution which could result in stinging and irritation. Eye infections are very severe therefore you must take a great deal of care with your non prescription lenses.

A few makes of prescription crazy contact lenses can be found if you need to correct your vision. You must use your prescription when you place your order.

Nearly all these types of lenses that are available are reasonably cheap but they are not toys. You should be very careful with eye care and make sure you know the way to look after your lenses before using them. If you have never used contact lenses it would be best to consult an optician to be shown the correct way to insert them and looking after them

Be safe and have fun with your crazy contact lenses!