Advantages of Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

Choosing the right contact for your needs is important. Many people have experienced new levels of comfort with daily disposable contact lenses due to the following advantages.

No cleaning necessary. This is one of the greatest advantages of daily lenses. Instead of routinely cleaning and storing your contacts overnight, you can just toss them in the trash at the end of each day. Not only can you forget about cleaning them, but you won’t have to buy cleaners or saline solutions anymore–possibly saving you money.

Less possible irritants. Since you won’t have to clean your lenses, you’ll dramatically cut down on the possibility of irritants transferring to your lenses and, consequently, to your eye. Hair, dirt and oils can be transferred to your lenses when you clean and store them each night. Over time, lens storage containers can also collect bacteria and other grime, which can then transfer to your lenses and cause eye infections. With dailies you bypass those risks.

Get that fresh, clean, new contact feel. If you already wear contact lenses you understand what it feels like to put a fresh, new contact into your eye instead of a gritty, grimy used contact. Using daily disposable contact lenses gives you that fresh feel every day!

More comfortable. The daily lens is not as thick as other lenses which means less lens in your eye. Less lens means a smaller chance you will feel your lenses in your eyes. For those who find regular contacts noticeable, dailies may be a welcome alternative.

Prevent lens build-up. Not reusing a lens also eliminates build-up. Many people experience calcium, protein and other types of build-up on lenses they wear long term. A lens you only wear for one day eliminates this possibility.

Lose or damage a lens? No big deal. Losing, ripping, or tearing a traditional lens can be a pain and cost a lot of money. You may have to order a new pair and wait for them to be shipped to you. This generally costs quite a bit. With daily lenses you have another fresh pair right at your fingertips.

Great for sports. If you play sports and worry about losing your lenses while playing, daily lenses are a great advantage. Not only can you put a fresh pair in just before the game, but if you lose one you don’t have to stop the game and form a search party to try to find it.

Traveling Ease. Traveling with dailies is a wonderful experience. To pack, just grab a box of lenses and throw them in your suitcase. Then, when you get back to the hotel late at night, just pop your lenses out and throw them away.

If you find any of the above advantages strike a chord or if you have had trouble with longer term lenses, daily disposable contact lenses might mean the difference between being able to use contacts or being forced to always wear glasses.