Read This Article If You Are Using Contact Lenses For the First Time

Contact lenses come into demand when your focusing ability starts hampering. Most of the times the problem begins at the age of forty. But in today’s computer world it has been seen growing even during the tender years of our life. Contact lenses come in for the help of those who find it difficult to read close and have to push the reading material a little far or have to squint a bit and also to the ones facing difficulty in seeing the farther objects. They need the lenses to see clearly and without exerting extra force on eyes.

The lenses are the curved pieces made of plastic in such a way that they can be worn directly in the eye. These are used to rectify the visionary problems as myopia and hypermetropia. These help in focusing as the eyeglasses do. These can also be used for cosmetic and therapeutic reasons. Youngsters use the colored lenses for style and fashion.

Types of Contact lenses:

Contact lenses come in two types – the soft lenses and the hard lenses. The soft lenses are made of hydrophilic plastics. These absorb liquid and should be kept moist all the time for keeping them soft for easy moulding while wearing. Most of the contact lens users prefer these than hard one.

Hard lenses are typically known as gas permeable or rigid contact lenses. These are made of durable and flexible plastic.

If you want to wear lenses you should first consult a good ophthalmologist. He will advice you for the type of lenses you should go for and the best suitable to your eyes. For numbered contact lenses an yearly examination is advisable before usage.

These come in various designs and colors as well. These can be disposable, astigmatic, presbyopic, keratoconic, aphakic and colored. But you give more importance to other factors as vision clarity, comfort and tissue integrity.

Benefits of Contact Lenses:

They have more benefits over eye glasses. These are capable of correcting the problems glasses can in addition to various others.

Your appearance will not change wearing lenses as in the case of glasses.
No hassle of slipping off the face, getting wet, fogging etc.
Better to use after surgery for cataract as per the records.
Comfortable for extremely hypermetropiac people.
Contact lenses provide improved vision to ones with damaged corneas due to injury or disease.
Sportsmen are more comfortable wearing lenses as glasses are prone to breakage.
Provide better side vision as well.

Risks involved:

Your eyes may irritate due to extra allergic to dust and chemicals.
Severe diabetic people may cause irreparable injury in eyes.
People with extreme arthritis in hands should be careful.
If you have dry eyes problem related to pregnancy or any other reason you should stop lens usage.
Eye diseases, antihistamines, diuretics, contraceptives and overactive thyroid glands prevent using contact lenses.

So, if you wish to wear lenses due to visionary problem or any other cosmetic reason first consult your doctor and use the prescribed lenses if you do not have any risk factor involved.