Designer Glasses – How to Choose the Right Designer Glasses That Perfectly Suit Your Face

Designer glasses have become more popular today not because of their functionality but due to reason that they can act as fashion statement. Sunglasses today are the ultimate fashion accessories that highlight your personality. The aesthetic appearance of these sunglasses is depended on the type of framework they have. With more that a thousand of different casing types, it is essential to select a frame that suits your appearance.

Larger Framework

The framework of your eyeglasses or sunglasses should match the shape of your face as it could emphasis the deficiency of your looks. Larger and darker colored casings are highly encouraged to individuals with slightly long faces. These frameworks can visually lower the eyebrows’ height and thus shorten the length of the features. In addition, broad brimmed casings are best for individuals with strong personalities. They can help emphasize the eyes and distract people’s attention on the length of the countenance.

Smaller Square Frame

On the other hand, smaller square frameworks are more recommended to people with short visage, especially those that are rimless. These casings are expected to give height to your eyebrows and make the face look thinner and smaller. However, for squared chin, the rectangular frames are a great option as they can extend the face length and improve facial proportionality. With short face, the round shaped frames are not highly recommended.

Rectangular Frames

Rectangular frameworks are suited for people with either round faces. These designer reading glasses are ideal for business like personality and they will make you look smarter and tougher. Typically, round faced individuals have plump chins and they look gentle and easygoing. With a rectangular frame, edges will be provided on the looks. On the other hand, squared faced people have wider cheekbones and short appearances. If they use rectangular frame, their edged chin is more emphasized. This is why rectangular frames are not recommended for people with square faces.