Designer Prescription Eyeglasses Care Tips

After having invested so much of your money on designer prescription eyeglasses, you should take proper care to ensure that they last for a long time.

•The first and the foremost eyewear care tip is that you should regularly clean your eyeglasses. You can get more out of your prescription lenses if you wash them daily with warm soapy water every day.
•Invest in a good quality lens cleaner to clean your prescription eyeglasses. When you are buying them just ensure that they are ammonia-free. Ammonia could scratch the prescription lenses or remove the protective layer on them.
•Wipe the eyeglasses immediately before they dry to avoid scratches and marks on the lenses.
•Sometimes you may feel lazy and just wipe your glasses with your handkerchief or any other soft cloth. This is a big no no. Even though the cloth you wipe your designer prescription eyeglasses may feel soft, they could scratch the lenses. So always wipe your eyeglasses with the soft wiping cloth you get with your glasses. Even better, get a wet washing cloth to clean your glasses.
•Another important tip that could make your designer glasses last longer is that you should use both your hands to wear and remove your glasses. Otherwise the rim alignment may change, which could loosen the frame.
•Get eyewear accessories such as eyeglass cords and chains that you can attach to your prescription eyeglasses. Your glasses would be safer hanging round your neck than lying on the table, chair, or any other place where you may leave it.
•Finally proper storage. When you are not using your designer prescription eyeglasses, place them in the eyeglass case covered with a soft cloth.

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