Prescription Eyeglasses – What You Need to Know

When dealing with prescription eyeglasses, you have several ways of filling those prescriptions. Most ophthalmologists or optometrists can fill them as well as stores such as Lens Crafters, Sears Optical, Wal-Mart Optical and J.C. Penney Optical for starters. How do you get prescription eyeglasses you may ask? The whole process starts with an eye examination. During this examination, your doctor will examine for glaucoma and other eye diseases. You will also be given sight tests to determine the range of visual correction that you will need. Based upon these tests, you will be given a prescription for a pair of eyeglasses.

Now, you have your choice of where to fill the prescription as noted above. You can also get your prescription eyeglasses filled at many different stores online such as Frames Direct or Zenni Direct as well as Peerless Optical and Go -Optic. These are just some of the places online that you can fill your prescription with. Now depending upon what the vision correction is, you may need just regular glasses, bifocals, trifocals or just reading glasses. You can easily find what you need and fill your prescription at the same time at a variety of places both online and offline.

With prescription eyeglasses, these glasses will be made to order using special equipment in order to create the lens and will be fitted to an eyeglass frame for a custom order. The time that it takes can range from one hour in certain circumstances to over two weeks in others. This time is also variable and dependent upon where you go to get it filled. For most places such as Lens Crafters, they can do most in an hour. This can be the exception rather than the rule of thumb. Any way you look at it, you will be filling your prescription eyeglasses.

Once the order for the prescription eyeglasses is filled, you will need to return to the place that you filled the order to receive your glasses. A trained person will fit the glasses to you and adjust them to fit. This ensures that you have a good fit and can see properly. They will also talk to you about care and cleansing of your glasses for maximum benefit as well as explain any warranties that may be on the glasses themselves. You will also need to purchase a glass case if you do not have one or if you are not given one when the prescription is filled.

Now you are the owner of prescription eyeglasses. Based upon what you will need them for, you will have the way to see correctly. These prescription eyeglasses are a lifesaver and are a tool for seeing that many people do need. Find out more tips and guide about prescription eyeglasses at