Designer Sunglasses For Women – The Top Selling Shades

Sunglasses were invented in 1929 by Sam Foster. The first prototypes were made with the sole purpose of shielding the eyes from the harmful UV Rays of the sun. Sunglasses were more comprehensively defined as a visual aid which had dark lenses to protect the naked eyes from the sun’s glare. Today, this basic function still remains but sunglasses have also become a hot fashion statement, a tool that is used to define the social status and glamorize the outfit.

Nowadays people, especially women have become very conscious of the way they look. Each accessory they wear is chosen with utmost care. One such popular accessory is designer sunglasses as it attracts maximum attention. After the designer shades became a huge rage, all the top fashion houses have ventured in this field.

Some of the best-selling sunglasses for women by famous brands are:

• Anne Klein: The global brand makes sunglasses only for the outgoing women. The range offered by this brand is extremely modern and fits the bill of all the women. The sunglasses by this brand are unique, elegant and beauty personified. AK 5120 and AK 3164 are two of its sought-after models.

• Balenciaga sunglasses: They embody elegance and make you stand out in the crowd. The sunglasses have a futuristic appeal to them. However one can also find classy and contemporary sunglasses. One can see a number of celebrities sport a pair of sunglasses by this brand. 0003/N/S and 0029/N/S are two of the most popular shades by the brand.

• Gucci Sunglasses: The epitome of class. The brand itself stands out because of its classy check. These sunglasses are a piece of great possession. They offer the best comfort and visual quality along with 99-100% UV protection. Everyone can distinguish a Gucci and if you are sporting a pair of luxury eyewear especially the Gucci 2772/S or Gucci 1566/S sunglasses pairs from this brand then be rest-assured you would make heads turn.

• Ray Ban Sunglasses- Ray Ban is the most widely known brand when it comes to eyewear. The brand has proved its mettle over time and still continues to engineer some of the best pieces in the industry. Ray Ban is well-known for its aviators and Wayfarers. Ray Ban RB4068 Sunglasses are aviators that are best suited for females who love the modern look with a hint of class. Other best-selling models are RB 4102, RB4091, RB 4098 and the list goes on.

There are a lot of brands in the fashion eyewear market and there is tough competition to be at the top. If you are going to buy a pair then its best to select from the above mentioned ones- they have been the long time favorites for years.