Do I Need Computer Glasses? Part 1-3

Sit comfortably with correct posture in front of your computer with your eyes at least 20″ away from the monitor after you have positioned the top of it at eye level. Can you see everything clearly? If you can’t, you may need computer glasses.

I wish I had bought my first pair of computer glasses 18 years ago when I first started using a personal computer. But their importance was not widely known back in 1992 when computer use was much less common. Even today their full value still isn’t very well known, unfortunately, even though just about everybody now has their own computer and uses it all the time.

Nobody ever asked me if I needed glasses for working at a computer, and nobody ever warned me what could happen if I didn’t wear them. It wasn’t common knowledge. My optometrists were quiet. My family doctor was also silent. My parents didn’t know. My friends didn’t say anything. My colleagues never commented. I didn’t see any health stories on news programs or in various magazines. I never really asked myself if it was very important. I never Googled: Do I need computer glasses?

I had already been wearing glasses for more than 25 years, but only to see things in the distance. I didn’t wear reading glasses, and never needed them, so I thought I didn’t need computer glasses. If you don’t need glasses to read text on the pages of a book, why should you need them to read text on a computer monitor?