Maintenance Prolongs the Life of Your Glasses

For people with near-sightedness, a pair of eyeglasses is a lamp lightening the way ahead, without which we nearly dare not move on with blurred vision. Like close friends, eyeglasses are always in company with us. As we all know, eyeglasses are very delicate so we need to pay special attention to proper maintenance and regular cleaning. In general, maintenance can be done in such two aspects as lens and frames.

As to lens, 4 basic steps of cleaning are as follows:

1. First of all, use neutral soap water to keep eyeglasses free of grime.

2. Then, wash it with clean water.

3. Then, use soft towels or tissues to wipe off water.

4. At last, use special lens cloth.

If the condition does not allow, we could at least wash it with clean water, exhale at the lens and wipe it with the special glasses cloth. No rough cloth or paper towel is allowed since it will lead to scratches on the lens. Cosmetics with chemical composition could fade the frames or rid lens of membrane so we should wipe them as soon as possible with special lens cloth or soft tissues.

When not used, it is suggested that glasses should be put into cases. We had better not put them into your pocket, or handbags for fear of abrasion.

As to eyeglass frames, there are some points which should be paid attention to. We should take off eyeglasses with two hands together for frames may easily get distorted if we take it off with just one hand. Also, we should adjust it when we find that the frame is distorted otherwise it will damage our vision.

After cleaning glasses with water, we should wipe it soon in order to avoid oxidation. Generally speaking, most glasses are folded up starting with the left leg. Otherwise, it will lead to imbalance with the frame and discomfort in glasses wearing. Likewise, casual placement will cause damage to frames. Last but not least, do not wear others’ glasses. Sometimes lots of us like to exchange eyewear with friends. In fact, it not only harms our vision but has impact on the frames for different types of glasses like different length of glasses legs.

It turns out that so many needs to be paid attention to. Keeping these in mind, we can help prolong the life of our eyeglasses.