Information About Eye Glasses

Prescription glasses are fashionable accessories that are well received by both men and women. In fact, they are as trendy as the purses and belts. You will find a lot of glasses made under popular fashion brand names such as Calvin Klein and Gucci. Prescription glasses are better than contact lenses. Contact lenses may give you a better appearance on the outside but it can also attract dirt.

Due to the profitable industry, many online eyeglass stores were setup. It is very convenient to buy prescription glasses on the internet. The online store allows you to buy prescription glasses at half the price of those sold at the local store. During the seasonal holidays, the online store offers discount. Many online stores also offer discount code to encourage customers to buy from them. The discount code is a combination of letters and numbers that can be entered during the checkout process to get discount. You can obtain the discount code from the coupon code site. When coming to buy prescription glasses, there are a number of steps that you have to take.

If your old spectacles can still provide clear vision, you don’t have to go for an examination with the optometrist. Normally, the optometrist will give you a paper that indicates the power of your left and right eyes. If you lost it, you have to go to the optometrist and request for a new one. If your spectacles don’t offer clear vision, you have to go through a general eye exam.

Before you can buy prescription glasses, you are required to select a frame. You should choose frames that suit the shape of your face. For example, people with square face should opt for round frame. The most common types of lens available at the online store include polycarbonate lenses, trivex lenses and high index plastic lens. Polycarbonate lenses are highly resistant against heavy impact. They won’t easily broken when fall down on the ground. In addition, they are harder to get scratches compare to standard lens. The trivex lenses are manufactured from a plastic. It has a lightweight and is resistant against heavy impact. It is possible for trivex lenses to provide correction to the vision. High index plastic lenses are for people that have severe vision problems. It is much thinner than the standard lenses. Normally, people with strong eye prescription wear high index plastic lenses so that people won’t notice the thick lens.

There are many styles of prescription sunglasses online, great for trendy women, men, and kids, colors may also vary in these prescription sunglasses like a black or dark brown and a hot yellow or a cool blue. Cheap prescription sunglasses may only be a fashion item for some but if thought over, can yield benefits that are more functional. Just remember to always buy products that are authentic and new to surely maximize the great advantage it can offer.