Extend the Service Life of Your Delicate Glasses

Eyeglasses enable us to see a world more clearly, and at the same time present us another look. They are useful but delicate. To maintain your glasses and to extend the service life of them, it is a necessity to take care of them scientifically. Follow the several tips below, and you will make an achievement.

Put on and take off your delicate glasses by two hands. Only in this way can both the frames and legs of eyeglasses be guaranteed to get rid of the possibilities to get deformed.

Clean your delicate glasses in a scientific way. When you find there are greasy dirt and dust on the lenses or in the joints, you could take them to the optical stores, asking for free clean service from ultrasonic equipment. If you can not find a proper time or a proper store to get free service, you could do it by yourself. Wash them under the running water, and rub them softly with neutral cleanser. At last, in case of scuffing,dry them with soft cloth.

Note: organic solution is not recommended to be applied in both metal frame glasses and plastic frame glasses, for there is a possibility for them to get damaged, because the frames or the lenses belong to optical resin. The common feature of optical resin is that they perform unstable when encountering with organic solutions, such as methyl alcohol and ethanol. Therefore, do not rub eyeglasses with organic solution.

Repair your delicate glasses in a professional optical store. When finding screws loosing or frames out of shape, please do get them repaired in a professional optical store but not by yourself, for you could probably scratch the lenses.

Keep your delicate glasses in proper eyeglass cases. There are people who would like to put their eyeglasses wherever they could reach, on the table, washstand or even the floor. It is a danger for your eyeglasses, which may get stepped on or pressed. The right method is to put them in the eyeglass case with facing up, or the lenses are inclined to be scratched. What’s more keep them away from water.

Eyeglasses are important to us, so we should take care of them carefully, on one hand, to protect eyes; on the other hand, to save money.