Uvex Safety Glasses – Seeing Quality

Most people take chances every day of their lives without even thinking about them. Some of them are even present at work. Taking chances is one thing: living dangerous is something else. But when it comes to chances, why would anyone want to take a chance with their eyesight? If you have potential chances to injure your eyes, why not look into Uvex safety glasses?

This company has been manufacturing quality, stylish protective eye wear for over fifty years. They are the undisputed leader in the U.S. in manufacturing protective eye wear and have become an innovative leader in the industry.

What makes their product line so special? The reason is because this eye wear is not just for work. When we hear the terms “safety” and “glasses” together it conjures up images of bulky, ugly protective eye gear in a machine shop. But their designs have made them one of the most popular lines of glasses in the world, for work and for casual wear. And they don’t just make goggles: they also produce specialty eye wear, goggles, face shields, and even prescription eye wear and accessories.

The variations of eye gear that can be custom suited to your likes is simply staggering. You can pick tinted, indoor/outdoor darkening, flip up versions, magnifier options and of course anti scratch and anti fog. In their protective eye wear, there are 54 options to choose from.

When their Stealth goggle was introduced in 1997, they were the first to manufacture a comfortable pair of glasses that incorporated both hard and soft plastic into one lens. These have become one of their most popular models because of their comfort, durability and ease of replacing lenses, if necessary.

In 2000 they created a design with the same technology as the Stealth, called the Genesis. This style was not only attractive and durable, but it offered so much protection that it was the first protective eye wear to be awarded the military’s Vo Ballistic Impact Test.

We should never take our eyes for granted, and having Uvex safety glasses will ensure that we are taking the best care of our eyes possible. After all, they are one of those things that can’t be replaced.

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