Do You Need Glasses?

Today glasses have become a fashion statement in them other than the fact that they support your eyes in case of diseases. There are steps to getting new pairs of glasses. They are the following:

o Get your eyes checked- before getting glasses this is the first thing to do. You may already own a pair of glasses that are one to two years old but get them rechecked because prescriptions change fast. This is especially relevant as you gain in years. People who are above forty can get a pair of glasses every two or three years and it’s not at all uncommon.

o Go to the doctor instead of drugstores- it is not a good idea to get a pair of cheap reading glasses from the drugstore. If you have to get your eyes checked it is necessary that you go to a good doctor. Now why should you check up with the doctor on a regular basis? There are reasons for that. Firstly, to make sure that your eyes are not suffering from serious diseases. Also, the drugstores keep glasses that are useful for some people. But that is true for simple cases. The more serious advanced eye diseases can never be located. Also if the prescription differs in each eye the drugstore cannot help you.

These two are the basic points to remember when you go in for designer glasses. Before anything else these are the basic points to keep in mind. The right decision will happen in some time since you have to consider a variety of things. Also remember that the medical purpose is the first priority to keep in mind. The fashion bit follows later.

The last point, which you need to decide, is the kind of frame that suits your face the best. In order to do that you need to know the seven types of faces and the one that you possess. If you know exactly what you want and what you are looking for then you will save a lot of energy and time. The situation becomes far more manageable in that way. Experts believe that you need to know about three ultimate features of frames to suit your face.

o Firstly, keep in mind that the frames you choose make a contrast with the shape of your face. The frame and the face should not merge. It is stylish to keep the glasses and the face prominent. The difference between the face and spectacles should be noticeable.

o Also, make sure that the size of the frame is proportionate with facial features. The two should be always complimentary.

o There are certain shapes that match certain other prescription glasses. Find out what suits your face. If your face is round or oval then angled frames will look good. So is true for oblong faces with large noses.

There are other kinds of faces that require specific frames. They would include square and diamond shapes and also base up and base down triangles. They all look wonderful in designer frames.