How to Buy Prescription Glasses Online

Did you know that you can shop for, select and purchase your prescription glasses from the comfort of your home or office? Whether its’ your very first pair of corrective lenses or you’ve worn glasses all your life, there are some benefits to buying your next pair online. Buying prescription glasses online offers maximum selection, savings and comfort.

If you’ve never ordered glasses from a Web site, you may not know where to start. Fortunately, the process is pretty simple, and pretty similar across the board when it comes to different online retailers. Below is a general guideline of the steps involved with buying glasses online.

See your doctor

Before you even start shopping around for stylish frames on your lunch break, make an appointment to see your eye doctor first. You may suspect that you need glasses, but it must be verified by an eye care professional. A qualified eye doctor will also determine what strength prescription your corrective lenses should contain. Your doctor will give you a prescription for eyeglasses if you need them. Even if you already wear glasses, make sure to ask your doctor if your current prescription still works for you. When your doctor gives you the prescription, make sure she writes your Pupil Distance (PD) measurement on it so that the lenses will be centered properly for your eyes.

Browse online providers

This is the fun part – you get to shop! Start by checking out the major prescription glasses retailers. Compare prices among different sites. Check out each site’s shipping rates, available discounts, return policy, etcetera. Also, pay attention to each site’s special features. Some online eyeglass frame retailers provide a way for you to “try on” frames by uploading a photo and displaying it with the frames over it. Once you’ve narrowed your search down to one or two sites, try to find consumer reviews of each site’s customer service. You’ll be glad you did. Choosing one retailer to deal with for your online prescription glasses needs is smart because you’ll know what to expect, and if you do your homework, you’ll be very pleased with the value.

Find your frames

If you are a person that has a flair for fashion and enjoys selecting new styles for yourself, you will enjoy this process. Others may choose to keep it simple and focus on price. No matter what your approach, you will need to review various available options before selecting one. If you already know what you are looking for, it should be easy to find. You can select frames by shape, material, colour, brand name, or price. When you find eyeglass frames that you like, place them in the Web site’s shopping cart.

The ordering process

Once you have selected your frames and placed them in your online shopping cart, you’re ready to fill out your order form. Most sites will direct you there if you click on “Check Out,” or some similar option. The form will request the usual identification information including name, address, phone number, email, etcetera. There will be a space on the form for your eyeglass prescription. Make sure to enter it just as your doctor wrote it down. Most sites will verify the prescription with your doctor, and some will get it directly from your doctor’s office, so make sure to have their contact information handy. After choosing your shipping option and submitting payment via credit card, you should receive a confirmation email. Though shipping times vary, you can expect to receive your glasses no later than three weeks from when you order them.

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