Eye Glasses Or Contact Lenses – Which One Is Preferable?

The human eye is like a camera and it is often described as the most advanced digital camera in the world. The eyes may also be the first organ to show the presence of certain diseases in some parts of the body.

The elastic nature of the eye begins to loose when you grow older and become relatively a solid mass, a condition known as presbyopia. The eyes are more or less permanently focused when this condition arises and may no longer be able to see objects from far and near. This is the reason why the elderly ones wear glasses with bifocal lenses. The stronger power for close vision is the lower portion of the glasses, while the upper lens makes it possible for the person to see more freely at a distance.

There are various infection that can affect the eye. One of them is Syphilis which can also lead to blindness if not properly treated. Sometimes the optic nerves may be injured because of high blood pressure or hardening of the arteries and this can prevent rays of light from reaching the rod and cone cell of these nerves.

some of the conditions of the eyes are:

– Cataract

– Glaucoma

– Trachoma

– Acute conjunctivitis

– Eyelid infection

– Astigmatism

– Color blindness

-Inflamed or watery eye

– Blinking and frowning

– Covering of one eye so that the other may see

If you detect that you are suffering from any of the listed condition it is better for you to seek expert advise when it can be easily treated before it gets out of hand.

If you are suffering of this problem that require the use of glasses or contact lenses which one will you choose? Before you answer the question first read the article to the end and decide which one to go for. It depends on the individual and the type of eye infectious or problems the individual has.

Glasses are good, and contact lenses are not bad either. It all depends on the individual and type of eye infectious or problem the individual has.

Contact lenses which are now in vogue have certain disadvantages compared to eye glasses. No one that will use this modern eye technology must observe certain precautions daily rules and regulation. If the person does not want to compound his/her problems.

It is easier to use eye glasses than contact lenses because eye glasses does not require special treatment or instruction to observe before it can be use unlike contact lenses where certain factors must be seriously considered before prescribing them for people with eye problem.

Eye glasses are easier to use and people don’t react to them unlike contact lenses. The truth is that anyone that use contact lenses must also have eyeglasses as back up.

Some develop allergic reaction to contact lenses and these are often precipitated by the chemical solution used in cleaning the lenses.

Observation showed that many young girls and ladies in the name of fashion and looking good use contact lenses simply because of ego. This can cause more eye problem. why the use of something that you do not need. Your health is of paramount importance to you than fashion. only when you can see that you can know if people appreciate your physical look out.

In fixing contact lenses strict hygiene must be observed, nails and fingers must be neat/clean at all times when fixing it.


-Contact lenses is more expensive than eye glasses

-It require special training from the doctor

-It require special storage to prevent infectious by micro-organism.

Unlike eye glasses which:

-Does not need special training by the doctor

-Can be used for a long period of time

-The lens can be change when they are weak. touching of eye ball all the time is not require when -using it.