What’s Important in Men’s Reading Glasses

With men it’s the comfort, fit and durability of the glasses that takes precedence. Style comes next. It’s not that style is not an important element of design, but men will not forsake fit and comfort for looks. In fact, a survey conducted by the Vision Council of America (VCA) found that 88% of the male respondents said that comfort was their first criteria when choosing glasses, and 59% spoke of durability. An interesting fact that has been noticed by retailers is that the men will leave the choice of shape and color to their wives or girlfriends, as long as they have the final say about fit and comfort.

Here is what to look for:

o The frames must be wide enough so that the temples do not touch the face before they reach the ears. Ideally the edge of the frame should extend marginally beyond the width of the face.

o The temples must be of the right length. The curve at the end should go around the ears without pressing down on them. While the curve at the end can be adjusted to individual requirements, the length is fixed so make sure the temples are of the right length.

o Make sure the nose piece is comfortable. The bridge of your nose should not be pinched by the glasses but at the same time the fit should be such that the reading glasses do not keep sliding down the nose. Soft adjustable silicon nose pads are among the most comfortable.

To check the fit, try them on and move your head from side to side and them up and down. Next bend over as if picking up something from the floor. The glasses should stay in place without applying an uncomfortable pressure to any part of the face.

Since durability is an important consideration, the best materials are titanium and stainless steel which are stronger than other metals like aluminum or gold. Flexon is also a good choice if they are likely to be subjected to rough treatment. Flexon is an alloy that even if it is bent or twisted will return to its original shape. This also means that these frames will not break easily.