For Your Eyes Only – Key Tips Before You Buy Contact Lenses Online

Millions of people wear contact lenses to correct various visual issues and even those who simply want to change their eye color. Almost everyone can wear contact lenses today and there has never been more choices and convenience to buy contact lenses online than before.

Each person should first see an eye care practitioner. An ophthalmologist, optician or an optometrist must first check and measure your eyes to determine which size is right for you.

Choosing your contacts…

There are wide varieties of contacts available today. But don’t worry, choosing what’s best for you is very easy because they are categorized based on their material, wear time, whether they should be removed before sleeping or continuous overnight wear, and their replacement schedule (like with daily disposables) or how long you can safely wear them before throwing them away.

With so many choices, deciding on how, where, and who you should buy contact lenses online from can be quite confusing, even with special effect contact lenses.

Buying online today is so easy with just a few click of your mouse.

Why buy contact lens online?

Buying your contact lenses through online retailers is very convenient today

Ordering and buying can happen anytime, 24/7

Comparing prices is simple and fast

It can be delivered right to your door

Wide range of product availability from every contact lens supplier

Taking the first step

To buy safely and efficiently online, be sure to have a valid and current contact lens prescription in advance.

Contacts are medical devices, just like medicines are, which need a prescription before you can order contacts online.

In February 2004, Fairness to Contact Lens Consumer Act went into effect requiring eye care providers to present patients in all 50 States their contact lens prescription upon completion of an eye exam and fitting process whether or not it’s requested by the patient. Although this requirement is generally understood today, there are always unfair practices in almost every industry and should be realized when you purchase contact lens.

Know your rights

You have the right to ask for the prescription anytime you want it (even if it was already released) without having to sign a waiver and paying an additional fee as long as it is not expired (validity varies in every State) .You can also get it without having to go into your doctor’s office; your contact lens prescription can be sent out in hard copy, through fax or any electronic means.

The final step – online checking

There are things to consider before you buy your contact lenses online:

Compare prices

Comparison shopping search engines such as Yahoo!Shopping, MSN shopping, BizRate, NexTag, and Pricegrabber are convenient locations to find a great deal when you buy contacts online. Just enter the brand name and the listings together with its prices and the links will appear for you.

o Check reviews.

User reviews or testimonials are often included in price-comparison sites that will allow you to make a better buying decision.

o Make sure if costumer service is always available.

See if the seller has provided a toll-free phone number so you can easily contact them in case there’s a problem with your contact lens order. Some online retailers even include an online order tracking so you can keep track of the status of shipment.

You should check the shipping and handling charges too particularly with discounted contact lens. Also verify return policies in case you received a damaged contact lens package.