Gargoyle Sunglasses

You heard that right. That’s Gargoyle sunglasses. Like the big monster. Like an ogre. They are exactly just like that. It’s a monster in the sunglasses industry. There are a thousand and one sunglasses in the market. From the designer brands to your everyday lenses which you can get from the local department store, these are definitely not your everyday, average pair of duds.

Here are the things you need to know about Gargoyle sunglasses. And find out what makes these special sunglasses a cut above the rest.

1. Gargoyle are performance eyewear. Performance eyewear meaning it’s just not for style or comfort. You can use them when you’re out on the sports ground and really feel the difference of regular sunglasses from your performance eyewear. They were founded in 1983 by Dennis Burns. Dennis Burns new that there was a need for performance eyewear that not only offers protection but also comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. You can wear them right off when you get out of bed and still have optimal function when it hits dawn.

2. The patented Dual-Lens Toric Curve Design(TM). Sounds highly complicated, but what this feature offers is the most extreme wrap on the market. It provide up to 210 degrees of peripheral coverage to the eyes, meaning visual distortion is minimized when looking straight ahead and when viewing objects at extreme peripheral angles. When you look to your left or your right with normal sunglasses, you don’t get much coverage and you get a somewhat imprecise visual representation of the things you’re looking at. With Gargoyle, everything’s covered. So your blind spot will no longer be one.

3. Military and medical professionals choose to wear Gargoyle sunglasses. Who else would you trust to make decisions for you? These professionals’ duties require them to have the best of equipment to ensure the best results in whatever they’re doing. They choose these because it eliminates eye irritation, headaches and dizziness, associated with long-term use of competing lens designs.

4. A special patented Zero-Prism Design(TM). Basically what this does is it minimizes refraction. Light is transmitted directly to your eye with virtually no change in direction. Have you ever felt tired or suffered from a headache after wearing ordinary sunglasses all day? Well, those days will end with the use of Gargoyle sunglasses.

5. Polycarbonate protection. Gargoyle sunglasses offer impact resistance. It can actually withstand the impact of a.22 caliber bullet fired from just ten feet away. Now tell me which brand can do that?

6. Lifetime warranty. All Gargoyle sunglasses are backed with a lifetime warranty. So if ever you mess up your pair, which is highly unlikely anyways, these manufacturers will gladly replace your pair.

7. They’re OH-SO Stylish. You can pick from the different gargoyle sunglasses designs. They include 85’s, clear and side shields, classics, crossfire, heat, hurricane, inferno, legacy, legends, lightning, swift, thunder and warrior. Each design carries the patented wrap-around design and the zero-prism design. There is definitely a pair that will suit you and your lifestyle.

Gargoyle sunglasses is rocket science at its best. It’s supreme engineering that can be experienced by just buying a pair. Grab a pair of Gargoyle sunglasses now and feel the difference.