What Should I Consider When Buying Discount Sunglasses?

You have to look good in your sunglasses. There is no question about that. After all, they sit right in the middle of your face! And while they are on, your sunglasses are probably the first thing that somebody else notices on your face. But of course, to look good in a pair of sunglasses, you don’t need to go out and spend a bundle on them. From a simple trip to a pharmacy, department store or superstore, to a quick search online, it’s easy to see that you can find yourself an eye-catching pair of sunglasses at a reasonable price.

But looks aren’t everything! Sunglasses serve an important purpose, besides shading your eyes and complementing your good looks. They guard your eyes and your vision from the dangerous ultraviolet, or UV, rays of the sun. Just as these UV rays can cause sunburn, sunspots, and skin cancer on the rest of your body, these harmful UV rays can also damage your eyes.

One type of UV light in particular UVBs can cause temporary blindness with a condition called photokeratitis, or snow blindness. Photokeratitis occurs when your cornea gets burned by the Ultraviolet B rays. The damage and pain can last up to 2 days. Long-term exposure to UV rays can also be responsible for macular degeneration, cataracts, or skin cancer around the eyelids if your eyes are not protected outdoors.

Sunglasses are meant to protect your eyes from these harmful effects of the sun. But not all discount brand sunglasses do the trick. It is important to consider whether or not a pair of sunglasses can adequately block out UV rays. Check the labels on the sunglasses before you buy them. All sunglasses should block out 99-100% of UV rays.

In addition to protecting your eyes and filtering out UV rays, sunglasses should also reduce glare and be comfortable to wear. Sunglasses containing polarized lenses are especially great for reducing glare, and are popular with outdoorsman for activities like fishing and boating. The color of your sunglasses lens may also reduce glare. Brown, Amber, Yellow and Red lenses reduce more glare than other lens tints.

Nothing is finer than being outside on a sunny spring or summer day, soaking up the rays, playing in the water, or having a family picnic. So just remember to wear adequate clothes, sunscreen and your sunglasses. One last thing to consider before buying your discount sunglasses; they may be worth your while because when you lose them, it won’t hurt your wallet so much!