Have Your Glasses Fit Your Personality

Can you see without glasses? Each year of childhood is one more step towards adulthood. It is one more year the body has grown and developed. It has aged. As a body ages, certain functions begin to deteriorate. Sometimes certain areas on the body are not as strong as other areas. A physical examination, dental checkups and vision examinations are needed yearly to measure your health.

The Optometrist can tell you how the sun, age, or health concern has affected your vision. The effects of damaged vision can range from mild inconvenience to dangerous if it affects the ability to drive or follow directions on a package.

Glasses, thirty years ago, were pretty limited in styles. Spectacles with thick black frames overwhelmed most faces and so a stigma was attached to those “unlucky” enough to be cursed with bad eyesight. Schoolyard taunts of “Four eyes” would ring through the ears of the unfortunate victim. As times changed though, lenses became more advanced and frames became more stylish.

There is no longer a bad connotation to the thought of wearing glasses. Glasses, themselves, have become a fashion accessory for the young to the elderly. The choices are limitless and include designer eyewear such as Calvin Klein, DKNY, and more. More and more people find themselves in need of corrective lenses and not always for the reasons a person might think.

Take for example a growing boy or girl around the age of nine. One day they are looking clearly at the blackboard from the back of the room and the next it is blurry. Perhaps the text no longer stands out for them. School becomes a struggle. The parents take the child to the eye doctor only to find out that the vision problem can be temporarily corrected by glasses. Why is this?

As a child grows in years, so too does the body grow. Our ability to focus is something that is learned. Sometimes as a child gets bigger, focusing has difficulty keeping up with growth. A pair of corrective lenses helps train the eye to focus. They might not be needed all day long and taken out only as reading glasses. Having cool glasses is essential…any kid can tell you that.

Glasses come in all shapes and sizes, offering an array of choices for both function and fashion. Eyeglass frames are more durable and tout materials such as titanium and new “memory metals.” Manufacturers are making lenses that are thinner, stronger, and lighter. Lens options include anti reflective coating, light-changing tints, line-free (progressive) bifocal, and polycarbonate–the most impact-resistant lens material available.

Stand up, shout out and be proud to be someone who wears glasses and pick one’s that fit your personality. Celebrities, sports figures and famous spokespersons all are counted among those needing glasses. They can be any shape, size or color you wish. It all comes down to a matter of personal style.