Why Wearing Dark Glasses is Not Good

Do you wear dark glasses? Are you sensitive to sun? I am going to show you that wearing dark glasses might not be a good idea and give you reasons to discard them.

An American ophthalmologist Dr. W. H. Bates observed that sun was actually quite beneficial for the eyes. He cured lots of people who were sensitive to light just by making them expose their eyes to the bright sun rays. And contrary to popular belief he strongly advised not to wear sun glasses.

Eyes are organs that are designed for light. Sun light is natural and humans have been dealing with it long before civilization developed. Primitive man did not wear glasses. Dark glasses actually starve your eyes for light and energy that is transferred through the sun. Artificial light no matter how strong does not produce the same effect. It actually causes strain.

Have you ever noticed after being in one of these shopping boxes like Wal-Mart that your eyes became tired and right after you went out into the sun you got almost a burst of pain in your eyes? Well, that is strain that was created by the awful fluorescent light and complete lack of daylight. The remedy for this is not to put sunglasses on but to relax and expose your closed eyes to the sun. Look at the sun but keep your eyes closed. This little trick works to quickly refresh tired eyes and in certain degree to improve your eyesight. No doubt you have noticed that you vision is always better in a bright sunlight.

Dark glasses actually severely diminish this natural flow of sunlight to your eyes. If you wear them because your eyes are sensitive, ironically, your eyes become even more sensitive. The thing to do, instead, is to expose your eyes through closed eyelids to the bright sunshine every day for a few minutes. Even 5-10 minutes will be very beneficial, the more the better. This practice is commonly known as sun treatment or sunning.

Worst of all are dark prescription glasses because than you have to wear them all the time and you cause great damage to your eyes. It is combined effect of wearing regular glasses and dark glasses. If you have to wear dark glasses in some circumstances make sure that they are plain glasses that can be easily removed.

By the way all this talk about ultra-violet damage is just a big scare to make you buy dark glasses. People have been living in hot climates for centuries and not only have they had good eyesight but also good skin. There are lots more factors involved than just UV-rays. You will get used to sunlight.

So discard you dark shades and give sunning a fair try. You might be surprised at results.