How to Buy Your First Pair of Glasses

Has the doctor prescribed glasses for you? Selecting the precious first pair of glasses can be a confusing task. Faced with all those stylish frames on the walls and listening to the salespersons talk about all the options you have in lenses can be mind boggling.

Getting a perfect pair is no easy job, regardless of whether they are for you or for a kid. A new pair of glasses can transform the way you look, and can work wonders for your confidence. There must be a style that is ideal for your features. Most people have just the single pair of glasses. If you are one of them, go for a pair that is versatile enough to suit many occasions and many looks. Glasses are the latest hot fashion accessory.

Your glasses can enhance or degrade the features of your face that you are proud of. Keep this in mind when you are choosing a frame. You have to decide a few things when you are purchasing a pair of glasses. The first being the kind of frame that will look great on your face. To make this decision, you have to have some awareness about the different basic types of face structure and then, you have to identify your own face type. If you have even a rough idea of what to look for, you can save much on your time, energy and money, and you will also be saved a lot of annoyance. There are three main things you should look for in a frame to help complement your face and personality.

The shape of the frame should be intrinsically different than the shape of your face. If the two are similar in shape, they will blend in instead of standing out and making a statement. The other advice experts have for you is somewhat obvious. The size of the frame should be in keeping with the rest of your facial features and should enhance your best feature.

We have for you a list of the several face shapes that are commonest and the type of glasses that will look best on them. Rounded and oval faces look best in angled frames. For those who have oblong faces, a large nose can prove a bit damaging. Squarish and diamond shaped faces look good in yet another kind of glasses.

Glasses can actually improve your appearance. If your cheekbones are high, you can select a pair of glasses with a square shape near the temples.

Glasses should share the same proportions as your face. A wide face is set off with a wide pair and a long face by a deep frame. The maximum breadth you can use is that of the widest part of your face. But too narrow frames will make your eyes seem closer together than they really are.

Glasses should be limited by the line of your eyebrows and your cheeks.

The bridge of glasses can camouflage the shape and length of your nose. The bridge can also make the distance between your eyes appear longer or shorter.

So, ready to buy your first pair of glasses? Go get ’em!