How Can I Order Prescription Glasses Online?

Prescription glasses have traditionally been a very expensive commodity to buy. Unfortunately, for many of us (myself included), it is necessary to buy them in order to correct our vision and thus lead normal lives. The good news is, however, that it is now very easy to order prescription glasses online. Let me explain how.

In the old days, we used to trudge off to the opticians and have our eyes tested. Typically our National Health Service or private health insurance scheme would pay for all or most of this cost. That part was never that expensive anyway. But once the eye test was complete, many of us need then to organise a pair of glasses for us to see properly again (or replace our existing pair because our prescription has changed slightly).

The next stage is that we have the task or trying on frames to find ones that suit us. For me, and I would imagine a lot of people, we find the frame we like, only to find out they are far too expensive for our budgets, because guess what, our lovely governments generally don’t pick up the tab for our eye correction! Not stupid are they?

So, generally, we get priced out of the glasses that we really like because the frames are so expensive. Frustrating, especially when you can buy a nice pair of ‘sunnies’, for less than $50, and let’s face it, the frame materials aren’t too dissimilar!

However, our lovely new technology, computers, capitalism and manufacturing techniques are bringing down the barriers and cost of glasses all the time. This is fantastic news for people like me who have worn glasses most of my life and will carry on wearing them til the day I die.

There are now many retailers who are offering prescription glasses online. Not only that, they are much lower in price compared to the high street. Some offer as much as 75% off compared to what you would normally pay. And guess what? This means you could buy a pair of designer prescription glasses for less than your normal non-brand name specs. How cool is that?

There are certain things you need to be wary of and I would recommend you follow my advice on this. Your eyes are precious to you, but if you do what I did, I believe you will be fine. So, here are several tips for you if you are interested in saving heaps of cash if you want to order prescription glasses online.

The first thing to do is visit your optician, get your eyes checked and ensure he gives you a prescription. This prescription is your key to saving dollars, and in most countries, it is law that he gives it to you.

Secondly, search online to find a retailer that not only sells low cost prescription glasses, but is also a registered optician or has been in the business for many years, so therefore knows what he is talking about. I repeat, find a retailer that is also a registered optician or manufacturer.

Thirdly, take advantage of any special offers or promotion codes you can find. In these hard times, retailers are falling over themselves to make sales and so offer many incentives and special offers in order to make the sale. You could end up with free anti reflection lenses or a second pair of glasses at half price for example. Or something like that.

Fourthly, make sure that the retailer offers you a 100% money back guarantee in case you make a mistake.

By following these simple steps, you will ensure that you will be sure to save a small fortune on your prescription glasses, and to boot they will be every bit as good as the ones you would buy in your local optician for a fraction of the price!

What have you got to lose?

So, do you want to save lots of money on your prescription glasses and find out more!