Taboos For Glasses Wearers

It is said that 1/4 of adult Americans are of myopia. That means more than 70 million Americans need to wear glasses. According to this, I do believe it’s necessary and very important to share the taboos of glasses-wearing here.

First, never ever choose a pair of glasses before you go to a professional optician’s. You cannot just pick up a pair of glasses at will. Although many people regard glasses more as a kind of accessory, they are instruments help adjust your eyesight in the first place. What’s more, do not solely depend on optometry unit which is not always reliable, especially for adolescents. Only through a professional optician can you really find out the exact diopters of your eyes. Second, never wear damaged glasses, no matter how slight the damage may be. Glasses are relatively easily broken.

When glasses are broken, some people may go on wearing them when they feel the cracks are slight and they wouldn’t like to bother to the glasses shops. If you also have this habit, I should tell you that this seemingly harmless and convenience-oriented behavior is very inconvenient for your eyes. Damaged lenses will make your eyes become tired more easily and may worsen your eyesight further. Third, do not choose glasses with heavy frames. Big and heavy frames will burden the nerves around your eyes and produce feelings of numbness and comfortlessness. I know that the huge-frame glasses are in fashion. But do not trade the health of your eyes with beauty. It’s just not worth it.

Forth, do not wear glasses with colored lenses frequently, especially for children whose eyes haven’t grow mature enough. Frequent use of colored lenses will hurt men’s eyesight and their ability to recognize colors. The darker the color of the lenses, the greater harm they will bring to your eyes. The theory is of the same with why people can’t wear sunglasses too much. They will allow extra ultraviolet and infrared enter into your eyes which will damage the retinas.

Lastly, do not use the same pair of glass for too long. Have a new pair each year, no matter you are a child or an adult because eyesight changes and glasses worn out easily.

Above are just some basic matters need attentions. For glasses-wearers, the protection of their eyes should always be the top priority. How should we protect our precious eyes then? Proper use of glasses is certainly the first step. have the fashionable eyeglasses trend, and you maybe find the needed knowledge to protect your or your baby’s eyes from the eyewearwiki. Let life be beautiful like summer flowers!