How to Fit Rimless Glasses?

Nowadays your prescription glasses are as big a fashion accessory as your purse, your shoes or the perfect hat. They serve more of a purpose than just being able to see (although that is an integral part); they serve to let the world know just a little bit more about your personality. Rimless glasses can do wonders for you in terms of both fashion and function, but how do you decide if rimless glasses are the right fit for you?

Properly fitting any pair of eyeglasses is more of a challenge than those who have the pleasure of being born with twenty-twenty vision may think. It takes a lot more than just throwing on the first pair of frames that you come across on the spinner and calling it a day. You want you glasses to bring out and accent certain features of your face, while potentially hiding others that may not be so flattering – glasses aren’t just about your prescription, if you’re going to be wearing them every single day for several hours a day, they need to look good, be durable and be comfortable.

Rimless glasses aren’t perfect for everyone, but improvements in design have made them a much more viable option for some. The absence of the bulky material that makes up heavier frames makes them ultra lightweight which makes them much more comfortable than some more traditional frames.

Many rimless glasses only consist of the lenses themselves, the nosepiece and very thin support arms. In most new rimless glasses, the limited frame material used is made of titanium – an expensive but very lightweight and very durable material. The use of titanium has made rimless glasses an option for those who need their glasses for everyday activities – rimless glasses made with a less resilient metal would be far too easily damaged to be considered for everyday use. Rimless glasses are, without question, some of the most comfortable styles that anyone can wear. The weight alone makes them easy to wear, whereas older styles of frames would have been cumbersome and would have grown exceedingly more uncomfortable throughout the day, the rimless glasses give the wearer the feeling of almost no glasses at all.

Appearance could be the biggest asset or the biggest determent depending on what the wearer is hoping to achieve with his or her glasses. If you want to show as much of your face as possible and highlight, rather than hide your beautiful eyes and cheekbones, then rimless glasses are the perfect choice for you. Rimless glasses are the closest possible thing to wearing no glasses at all, which means they will work well to show off every single feature of your face, plus add an heir of elegance in the process.

This “freedom from frames” while wearing glasses could potentially be a downside though, if you had been using your old glasses to mask features or hide flaws in the appearance of your face. Some glasses wearers like the fact that they can use their glasses to either add to or take away from a particular feature or to take away the focus from the natural shape of their face. If you are in the market of giving your face the illusion of having a different shape or if you have unflattering cheekbones or other problems that you’d like to mask with heavy framed glasses, than rimless eyeglasses obviously wouldn’t be the best option for your situation.

Many people grew up hating the fact that they had to use any type of headgear to be able to see properly, if you feel that your face was meant to be out there for the world to see and haven’t been able to show it off due to bulky frames in the past then rimless glasses might not only be a perfect fit, they may be the answer to all your eyewear problems.