Do You Need Reading Glasses While Using Your PC?

It is a proven fact that working on the computer is responsible for damages to eyesight, causing severe headaches, and dry eyes. The cumulative effect of all the eye problems caused by computers is called computer vision syndrome (CVS). Many people who work for hours on the computer complain of having to strain their eyes when working, causing blurred vision and headaches once the computer is switched off.

With occurrences of CVS becoming more and more common, owing to the increase in the number of people who work on the computer, it is necessary to protect your eyes against the permanent damages computers can cause. Computer reading glasses are a step towards minimizing this damage by reducing the glare entering your eyes, and also by blocking the harmful ultraviolet rays. Also, these glasses are an added benefit as they improve your vision too. Moreover, the glasses may be used with or without consulting your eye specialist!

o So, what exactly are computer glasses – Simply said, they are a set of specially made spectacles, which, if worn when you’re working on the computer, decreases the strain caused to your eyes. They are very commonly available owing to the fact that they can be used without prescription, thereby increasing the possibility of buying fakes. It’s always better to buy this type of eyewear from a recognized eye store, because it’s possible that you’ll be handed a cheap colored specs instead of the real one.

These glasses aren’t heavy ones that weigh you down, rather, they are light, rimless ones made of stainless steel. If you don’t wear glasses on a normal basis, you can opt for the glasses that offer a minimum power correction range of +.25, which is the lower limit. The slight power helps to reduce the strain on your eyes by bringing down the focal length to a particular level. A different set of low powered glasses are available for those who require reading glasses. The features of these glasses are no different from the regular computer reading glasses. These glasses are tinted because of the anti-reflective coating that prevents your eyes from the harmful glare of the computer screen.

o Design factors – Like regular spectacles, computer glasses too, can be chosen from a wide selection of frames and designs. But as far as the basics are concerned, it is recommended that you opt for low weight, rimless and minimum powered glasses. For best results, you can get your reading glasses custom made according to your prescribed lens power, glass requirements and working environment. The ideal power range for these varies within the +.25 and +.75 range, as this is in keeping with the focal length that exists between the lens and the computer. Glasses made within this range, function perfectly. It also helps to buy glasses with the tinted coating which offers extra protection for your eyes.

o The anti-glare coating – The anti glare coating is a special feature, as it resists your eyes from being affected by the “glare” of the computer. Apart from this primary function, it also makes the glasses scratch resistant. The anti glare coating functions by reducing the intensity of the surrounding light; thereby allowing your eyes to concentrate only on the screen before you.

It is advised that you wear the glasses only after a thorough consultation with the eye specialist, and after weighing all the pros and cons. Computer reading glasses are quite pocket friendly, their prices starting from $10. For those of you who want a hint of style to accompany the primary function of protection, you could take your pick from designer computer reading glasses!