How to Look Trendy Even in Glasses?

Are you tired of your looks and wish to chuck out that geeky look which you reflect whenever you’re wearing those old specs? So why don’t you throw away those out dated glasses altogether and get a new pair that are in fashion now.

A wide variety is available in stores and on websites these days, manufactured by some top brand designer companies. These frames definitely won’t make you look like a nerd anymore. They’ll even add a dash of color to your personality. You can find these and others in different designs and colors which will make you look chic and fashionable.

However, before you go out to buy a pair, you should know the latest trends discussed below.

Thick Frames are in Fashion Now – Glasses with thick and dark frames are definitely in which will give a hip look. But the lenses are smaller and are rectangular in shape. These frames come in different colors and you can match it with your outfits. It will be fun to try out different looks.

John Lennon’s Frames – Completely round glasses which were worn by legendry John Lennon has also bounced back into fashion. This type frame comes in plastic and is available in a variety of trendy colors and different patterns.

Rimless Specs – It’s now possible for you to wear a spec that comes without a rim. Yes, the lenses won’t be surrounded by a rim it will only have a nose band and some work on the earpieces. This will give you a neat and sophisticated look.

Classic Style – Metal frames enclosing lenses of different shapes like oval, round, square are always in vogue. These frames are nowadays manufactured by different designer companies and you can be sure to look good if you are wearing one of those stylish accessories. These specs go well with all kinds of outfit and be well-received in the corporate world.

Since, now you know the recent trends, you may find it easy to make a choice. However, before you take your pick, there are few more tips which can further help you get that perfect trendy look:

o If you have long hair you should see how you look if your wear the specs with hair open and tied up. Always keep your bangs trimmed if you wear specs otherwise it gives a cluttered look.

o In case of shorter hair, your free to try out some bold and decorated frames

o The frames should be such that they are not higher than your eyebrows and lower portion should rest on your upper cheeks.

o Moreover the frame should suit your face shape and skin color and of course it should reflect your personality.

o If you are far sighted your lenses tend to magnify your eyes. You need to apply minimal make up which should be smudge free otherwise it will be visible.

o If you are short sighted then your eyes will appear to be smaller through the specs. So you can enhance your eyes by applying dark volume enhancing mascara.

Next time you drop by a store to get your next pair of new specs, seek the experts help there to get your hands on the right pair of glasses. For online shoppers, check the site for help.