Better Eyesight Without Glasses and Improve Your Eyesight Naturally

Better eyesight without glasses would normally appear to be an impossible concept. In fact, when somebody talks about this concept of better eyesight without glasses, people definitely get a doubt whether this is a fact or just a myth. A few even go to the extent of assuming that they are being taken for a ride. However, the harsh reality is that eyeglasses and surgery are not the only options for better eyesight. Many of us are not aware of this fact. Of course, genetics play a major role in our eyesight power, with good vision, as well as eyesight problems, transmitted equally from one generation to the subsequent one. However, most of the common eyesight problems could be overcome without glasses.

Your ophthalmologists and optometrists would not agree with the above statement, since accepting that better eyesight without glasses is possible would result in considerable erosion of their business. However, on rare occasions, you would find an ophthalmologist or an optometrist, who would not hesitate to advice you about improving your eyesight naturally. The most famous among them was Dr. William Horatio Bates, who did a lot of research on this subject of better eyesight without glasses. He suggested several methods to improve the eyesight naturally. He emphatically stated that most of the vision problems are the result of the excessive and habitual strain and stress that we put on our eyes.

Better eyesight without glasses through proper exercises is easily possible. We underestimate the immense healing powers that our eyes possess. Certain simple exercises practiced regularly everyday for about 10-15 minutes are more than enough to bring back the eyes to their normal state. These eye exercises strengthen the muscles around the eyes and restore the spherical position of the eyeballs. This is the easiest way to see better without glasses and improve your eyesight naturally.

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