How to Quit Wearing Glasses Completely Quickly – Here is Something You Don’t Want to Miss

Do you wear glasses and want to stop wearing them? Are you annoyed by your glasses? If so, you are in the right place. You can quit wearing glasses and restore your vision quickly. Before you continue let me tell you, It’s not what you think it is. Don’t make assumptions.

If you think its LASIK or some other surgery, it’s not. If you think the cure is by wearing contact lenses, you are on the wrong side pal.

You can stop wearing glasses and restore your vision naturally. It takes a bit of patience and you need to form healthy vision habits. These habits consists of doing simple 2 minute exercises that will help strengthen your eyes and improve your vision.

Here are a few exercises that can help restore your vision naturally. These exercises work for those with myopia as well as hypermetropia.

Eye Rotation
Center Focus

Exercises are not just the only solution. Your diet too has a significant effect on your vision. Your diet must include plenty of fruits, vegetables and proteins. Here is the key ingredient your diet must contain: Omega-3 fatty acids

Your diet must also include foods that are high in Vitamin A, B, C, D and E. Some foods with all the essential nutrients are fish, apricots, raisins and soy beans.

Here is one exercise, you can follow right now to see significant improvement in your vision.

Choose a point that is at least 10 feet far away from you. Focus on that point every fifteen minutes. Keep doing that and form a habit, you will have phenomenal improvement in your vision within two weeks. You should remove your glasses when you do the exercises.