How to Tell Good Quality Eyeglasses From Cheap Ones

Eyeglasses are an important health product, so care needs to be taken when purchasing them. With the proliferation of online eyeglass retailers, now more than ever before, it is tempting to jump at the opportunity to buy cheap glasses. But before you do, a few factors need to be considered to ensure you come to a sound purchasing decision.

1 Determine the quality of the frames. While different materials have different properties, titanium frames are considered to be all around high quality because they are hypoallergenic, lightweight, strong, corrosion resistant and come in a variety of colors. High quality alternatives to titanium are flexon, beryllium and nylon.

2 Determine the lens material of the glasses. Polycarbonate lenses are a higher quality alternative to regular plastic lenses because they are thinner, lighter and and are far more impact-resistant than plastic or glass lenses. High definition lenses can provide sharper vision than conventional lenses.

3 Determine the coating on the lenses. Anti-reflective coating, scratch resistant coating, anti-fog coating and ultraviolet treatment are some of the extras that make a lens perform better.