Improve Eyesight Exercises to Get Rid of Glasses

There are several improve eyesight exercises you can use if you do not want to use glasses. Many people believe that using glasses causes your eyes to get lazy and you need to regularly exercise your eye muscles to keep the muscle elastic and toned. This regular exercise will keep your eyes healthy for longer and you will not have to worry about any eyestrain.

The eye muscles work by tensing up when you are focusing on something up close and then relax when you are focusing on something far away. You can use the suggested exercises to improve your poor visions as well as maintaining your eye health as you age.

The first exercise is to keep your body in one spot with good posture and focus your eyes at a point directly in front of you. Then focus on your lap and come back to this point. You should repeat this about five times. Another exercise includes closing your eyes and then covering your eyes with your hands. Breathe as deep as you can as this will get rid of tension and strain around the eyes. Keep doing this for about five minutes.

You can then move your eyes slowly by looking up and then slowly looking down. Repeat this movement five times and then blink very fast to relax your muscles. Then slowly move from the side to side. You can then open and shut your eyes. So start by squeezing them closed for a few seconds and then opening them. This exercise is particularly good if you frequently strain your eyes in front of the computer.

The following is an exercise that is best done at night as it strengthens the irises. In a dark room with only a bright lamp face the lamp with your eyes closed. Turn the lamp on and off to the pace of your breathing. You can also hold something out away form your body and move it in a side to side pattern. You then want to follow this pattern with your eyes. This helps with eye coordination and make sure your eyes are getting the nutrients it needs.