Glare Care With Glasses, Frames and Lenses

Your vision is important, and eye strain can cause serious damage to your eyes.

Here are a few tips to help implement while focusing on your computer screen or television for long periods of time:

• Take a break every 20 minutes, and look away from your screen every now and again, by focusing on something approximately 20 feet away to give your eyes a rest and some relief.
• Blink. Blinking is critical to help lubricate the eyes.
• Keep your computer screen and television screen clean. This will help reduce strain on the eyes and protect your vision.
• Glare from your computer screen can cause unnecessary strain on the eyes, so use a high quality glare reduction filter for your screen.
• Reduce glare by proper lighting, cover windows, and make sure lights are behind or to the side of the computer or television screen.
• Even though you may have good vision, change the size of your font 3 times larger than the normal size to help reduce eye strain while reading the information on the screen.
• Try to keep the lighting in your room at an even level. Contrasting light increases eye strain.
• Your computer monitor should be 20-30 inches away from you, about arm’s length.
• Have your eyes examined regularly
• Minimise glare by installing an anti-glare screen on your computer monitor.

Furthermore, minimise glare by getting anti-reflective (AR) coating on your lenses. Anti-reflective coating on your glasses can significantly reduce the amount of strain, glare and reflected light that reach your eyes. Your optician can professionally help you decide which lens design and options will best suit your needs.