Natural Vision Correction – Eye Exercises To Improve Eyesight and See Better Without Glasses

The tips in this article are specifically written for all those who are interested in natural vision correction. These tips have been tested and found to be very effective when it comes to naturally correcting vision-related problems. Your sights undergo a lot of stress as a result of staring and straining; and this could affect the condition of your sight as time goes on. However, you can improve your vision by engaging them in some very simple exercises. These tips help to bring relieve to your sights, especially after all the mental stress they suffer all the time. Below are some of the eye exercises to improve eyesight.

The Dot Method

Just as the name is, the dot method is all about focusing your vision on a period or a comma on a book page. This should be intensified until the dot comes into focus. This makes it to become blurry after some seconds of focusing on it. The next thing to do is to shut your eyes and relax them for a few seconds before opening them again. Open them again after some time, and this time around avoid focusing on the dot; move your sight over the page. Blink them for a second or two, then shut them once more, and begin to picture the period in your mind. Finally, you can take a look at the period once more; hopefully the essence of the exercise would begin to manifest as your eyes begin to relax.

The Double Vision Method

Another natural vision correction tip is the double vision exercise. This is aimed at helping your sights work superbly as a team. It is common to find people having just one of their eyes working perfectly than the other. This can be achieved by simply letting both eyes relax, and having them focus calmly on an object. This is better than what most people are used to, when they force their sights on a particular object.

The Word Method

This kind of exercise is all about looking for a word on a page that has about a minimum of five letters or more. Just focus on the word without leaving out any of the letters; make sure you stare straight and get a mental picture of it in your head. This will make the word get blurry as you continue to stare at it. This is similar to the dot exercise because you also need to blink them. Remember that it is important not to force your eyes see what you want to see. Take another look at the word a second time; by now the word should appear clearer and better than the first time.

Eye exercises to improve eyesight help to resolve almost all vision problems without taking to artificial glasses. You can improve your vision with these and many other exercises by applying the techniques introduced by Dr. Bates. These techniques have been researched and improved upon over the years. These methods work for almost everyone, and save a lot of cost.