Interesting Things – Glasses With Colors

If you are still holding the idea that all the lenses of glasses for short-sighted people are as transparent as glass, then you are quite uninformed. In fact, if you enter most of the optical shops in the streets, you would find that there is another kind of lenses – colorful lenses. Actually, this kind of colorful lenses might be simple in the materials since the colors of the lenses are just caused by some special kinds of things. Except for the special colors, other materials would be just the same as the usual lenses. The only difference would be the effect when you are wearing this kind of glasses made of colorful lenses. You would be a special point in the crowds.

The effect would be much stronger when it is winter time since in cold winter days there would not be many colorful and lively things in the streets. Image the picture when a lovely girl is wearing a pair of glasses with pink lenses. What a lively picture it is! And also if there is a gentleman wearing a pair of glasses whose lenses are with a little cold color. The whole appearance of the man would be much more like a gentleman.

As for the time of hot summer, the colorful lenses would be of much more help. Since we could prepare another pair of glasses with black or brown colored lenses, most of which would be added something else that has the ability of keeping ultraviolet rays out, we short-sighted people do have the chance to wear glasses with double functions. Another pair of glasses with colorful lenses would also be prepared for other occasions. For example, when we are attending some special parties like fashion parties, we are seeking for something different. Then the colored lenses of our glasses would be the bright point in the party. Others would be curious about our lenses and wanting to talk with us or be around us.

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