The Impetus For Bifocal Reading Glass

Among all of the eyewear types in the current market, like regular prescription eyeglasses, ordinary sunglasses, prescription sunglasses, goggles, reading glasses as well as bifocal reading glass, each of them has its adequate reason to be existent. To state in a different way, any kind of spectacles has certain functional or non-functional impetus. The former category of eyeglasses is expected mainly by people with a certain degree of visual problem to realize temporary eyesight correction. And the latter category of glasses has been around reasonably due to their fashionable or stylish statement.

Of course, there are some forms of eyewear products that have been designed originally with a combination of both of these two elements. Bifocal reading glass falls into this type. However, these spectacles are supposed to be classified into the functional eyewear category. To be serious, what is the definite impetus behind the existence of bifocal reading spectacles?

In brief, target buyers of the unique bifocal reading glass are mostly presbyopic women or men in their 40s or even older. Presbyopia and an old age as two necessary conditions of using bifocals have actually close link or interaction. The reason for these words is that the vast majority cases of presbyopia happen to only the elderly group. It is absolutely a right saying that presbyopia is an age-related eye problem. An old lady or gentleman suffering from this condition has difficulty in seeing objects that are close up. Similar with the condition of hyperopia, presbyopia forces patients to wear prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses with a minus power. Reading glasses are indeed the direct and corresponding solution to presbyopia.

Now, it is the right time to state the difference between a regular pair of reading glasses and bifocal reading glass. While reading glasses can only correct presbyopia, bifocals are capable of compromising both presbyopia and nearsightedness. And this shows the exact group of customers who really need these bifocal readers: those with both of the two visual problems. The exact impetus behind bifocal reading glasses is the combination of presbyopia and nearsightedness.