Laser Eye Surgery Removes the Need For Glasses

As the procedures of laser eye surgery are getting better and better, the need for contact lenses or glasses vanish for specific eye conditions. This is already a very commonly performed surgery and due to its achievements, it’s going to be even more popular in the near future.

It will completely change some peoples lives, when they don’t have to wear glasses or use contacts anymore. For people doing a lot of sports it’s a real blessing.

Today there exist two types of laser eye surgery – Lasik and Lasek. Which one to use depends upon different factors as the thickness of the cornea. Lasek would be preferred when the cornea is flat or thin. There are different strength in the lasers used and thereby the lasers can vaporise different amount of tissue per pulse. A typical number would be about 0.25 microns of tissue per pulse.

It’s very important that the laser is controlled by a controller that includes the latest eye-tracking technology there is. This while, when you move your eye, you don’t want the laser to continue shooting pulses in the same spot as before and thereby damaging your healthy parts of the eye.

Laser eye surgery can be done quickly, typically taking less than 30 minutes. It’s quite a minor operation, but with major impact on your life. It’s also important to remember, that it’s not allowed to drive after a laser eye surgery.

The procedure uses anesthetic drops and therefore you don’t have to change your drinking and eating patterns for the operation to be successful.

If you are using reading glasses today, it could be interesting for you to visit your doctor and talk to him about a laser eye surgery. If your eye problem is one of them that can be treated with laser eye surgery, you have the chance to get a life where you don’t have to wear glasses or use contacts anymore.