See Without Glasses Using Exercises

Imagine being able to see clearly without glasses. It’s possible and easy. By making a few changes in your lifestyle, you’ll be able to see without glasses. Here I’m going to discuss some simple exercises which will help you see without glasses.

Exercise #1 – Dot Focus: Mark a tiny dot on a piece of paper. Focus only on the dot and try to see the dot clearly. If you hold it for a few seconds, you’ll find that the point has become blurry. After you see the blurred image, you must relax your eyes. Close your eyes for a minute and relax. Concentrate on your breathing and let the thoughts flow.

Open your eyes and move around the dot. Don’t stare at the dot. Make sure that you can see other parts of the paper.
Now close your eyes and visualize yourself seeing the dot clearly. Open your eyes and focus on the dot again. You’ll be able to see clearly. If not, do it again. Keep conditioning your mind so that it becomes real.

Exercise #2 – Palming – Rub your palms together for around twenty five seconds. Place the palms on the top of your closed eye lids. Don’t put pressure on your eyes. Your eyes need to feel the heat. Just place them gently over your closed eye lids. Do it for four minutes or so. Your eyes will feel better when you open your eyes.

It is necessary that you do these exercises every day. Doing these exercises everyday will help you improve your vision. Soon you’ll be able to see without glasses.