Modern Spectacles – Good Alternatives to Laser Eye Surgery

Though Laser eye surgery is very popular nowadays, some people can not take it yet as Laser eye surgery can not treat all eye problems, and not everyone can be suitable for this surgery, moreover, not everyone can afford the high cost of Laser eye surgery. For those people who can not take Laser eye surgery, modern spectacles offer good alternatives to them. Modern spectacles enable them to enjoy good vision and also add to their appearance. And there are a wide range of modern spectacles available on the market to meet people’s different individual needs. The following will give some introduction on modern spectacles.

For people with nearsightedness or farsightedness, they can choose single vision lenses with the majority made of plastic. Bifocal lenses enable people with both nearsightedness and farsightedness to see clearly as there are two separate zones, the upper one is for farsightedness, and lower zone for nearsightedness. Varifocal or progressive lenses can help people to see all distances clearly without noticing distinct division as it has a gradual change from far distance to near. The above lenses helped people a lot in the past but there is a problem that the lenses are thicker and heavier due to higher prescription, so some people don’t like them. Nowadays, with the help of modern high index materials, people can enjoy good vision together with comforts and improvements in their appearance with thinner and lighter lenses.

The lenses of modern spectacles are not only lighter, but also have different coatings available, so as to reduce reflections and increase anti-scratching ability. And there is a kind of lenses developed recently called transition or photo chromatic lenses. The advantage of this lens is it can darken the light and change light conditions; of course, it is also in light weight. For people who like to take some sports, or need to work under tough conditions, for example, working with machines, there are specialized prescription lenses available to offer us good vision and protection as well.

Generally speaking, there are a wide range of modern spectacles available on the market to meet people’s increasing needs for spectacles. If you want to choose the most suitable one for you, you can check the latest styles and technologies available at our local eye doctor’s first, and then visit your eye doctor and talk with him about our individual needs on spectacles. After the test and analysis, your eye doctor will advise which one is the most suitable for you.