Spectacle Repair Check List

Glasses are frames with lenses which are usually worn in front of the eyes to correct vision, protect eyes, or shield harmful ultra violet rays. Contemporary glasses are now with nose pads for support, and temple arms to hold on to the ears.

Because of everyday use however, glasses can easily be broken. A fully restored spectacle is one of those things which keep us happy. Your regular optician will be very willing to check your frame, ascertain the extent of damage, and disclose solutions. You should be able to visit, get your spectacles checked and restored the soonest possible time. Sometimes, your frame just require a little bit of tweaking, or new screws or spares.

Most of the time, your eyeglass technician can restore your frames or shades while you are waiting. You do not need to spend money in sending it through mail. A professional optician can fix any frame problem to prevent you from purchasing new glass frames. He can also change lenses of your shades or spectacles.

Frames and just about any part of the spectacle can be fixed, whether it is made of plastic or metal casing. Usual works done are fixing joints, solders, pads, cords and screws, arms and barrels.

An expert technician can also fix stainless steel, wood, titanium, acetate, and horn. They can repair almost all eyeglass problems known and most materials are at hand, or if not, they can be made for your convenience.
Any technician common problems such as:

– Frame fixes
– Repairing damaged frames
– Nose pad changes
– Temple points exchanges
– Tightening and changing screws
– Repairing glass lenses

Remember though, that taking care of the glasses and preventing them from being damaged is better than just resorting to fixes. Use two hands when removing or putting on your glasses. Store the spectacles in the case when not in use. Visit an optician regularly to keep your spectacles in good condition because dysfunctional glasses can ruin your vision or bring eye strain.

– Before you get your spectacles checked, just remember the following:
– Find a trusted optician or glass technician
– The shop offers with high standards
– Jobs are fully guaranteed
– Top of the line components are utilised
– Fixes fast, normally within 24 – 48 hours
– When changing lenses, only good ones are used

If you want your spectacle fixed, just consult your neighbourhood optician and inquire for price ranges and service charge. Talking to someone face to face is indeed much better and safe than just recklessly posting to some unknown shop online.

Cleaning your spectacles daily will also help improve its condition. The old way of blowing a warm breath into the lens and wiping it softly and carefully with cotton cloth is still applicable. However, if the glasses need a major tweaking up to do, better leave it to the hands of your optician.