Move Fashion Forward With Reading Glasses

Whether it is the right jewelry piece or a really fabulous handbag, the items we choose to flaunt speak loudly about who we are. Our fashion sense can even be carried over to our reading glasses when we shop for just the right frames to complement our own personal style.

Consider these tips for transforming your normally functional pair of reading specs into a fashion statement you will love to wear.

Color Coordination

Looking for the perfect pair of reading glasses for your brand new lime green sweater? There are plenty of adorable frames in just the right shade of green to tickle your spring-like fancy. How about a pair to go along with your navy blue power suit? A pair of sleek silver titanium frames might be just the ticket.

When you find inexpensive reading glasses through online retailers and department stores, you can have a pair for every outfit in your wardrobe.

Shape Selection

Reading glasses also come in a wide range of shapes to accentuate any face shape and size. A good rule of thumb is to go contrary to the actual contours of your face. For example, a round face might look best in an angular frame, while a face with straighter lines and angles might be complemented with a pair of round or oval lenses. Oval face shapes are fortunate because they can choose just about any lens shape and look fabulous in the reading glasses they like best.

Sizing Information

To ensure your reading glass look proportionate to your face, choose frames that are about the same width as your face. Online retailers often include dimension information on their reading glasses so you can find the best fit. Make sure you are looking at the width from temple to temple to get an accurate picture of how the glasses will set on your face.

Lens size is also listed on many websites, meaning you can picture how the lenses will look your face. Larger faces typically look better in larger lenses.
When you take care in choosing the most accurate size for your dimensions, you enjoy a great fit and a fabulous look at the same time.

Sheer Style

Beyond the basic color and frame shape, there are numerous options in reading glass styles that allow you to flaunt your personal flair, whatever it might be. Artistic spirits find hand painted designs in a wealth of patterns and colors. Preppy addicts will love the hounds tooth and plaid patterns, while those who like to walk on the wild side can find animal prints in assorted colors and designs. For those who enjoy a sleek, contemporary look, partial frames offer a minimalist style that allows your eyes to shine unhindered.

Reading glasses aren’t usually a first choice for style, but they do become a necessity if you want to read a book or restaurant menu without difficulty. Why not make this passage a fun one, by choosing a wardrobe of reading glasses that coordinate beautifully with everything in your closet? It’s time to show off your style!