Pinhole Glasses – Do They Work?

In my quest to improve my eyesight, I bought a pair of pinhole glasses on eBay a little while back. Having read about them in various places, and learning how they can help you see better without using corrective eyeglasses, I decided to spend a few bucks and give them a try. You can’t go wrong with spending just a few bucks. I searched around the web and most eyeglasses shops sell them for $15 to $20. Then I decided to check out eBay, and ended up buying a pair of pinhole eyeglasses for $5.

After about 10 days I got my pinhole glasses. I figure I got a real good deal on this, and I was quite amazed at how cheap they were.

So what are pinhole eyeglasses? They’re also known as stenopeic glasses, and instead of using clear lenses, it’s made from an opaque sheet of plastic lined with pinhole sized openings. These tiny holes on the glasses allow a narrow beam of light to enter the eye, which reduces the circle of confusion on the retina, resulting in clearer images.

The pair of black pinhole glasses I got are made of light plastic, and they don’t look all that bad. I use them for doing things around the house or watching TV, and it really doesn’t matter whether they look good or not, since I don’t use them outside of the house.

While I can’t say that my vision has improved from using pinhole glasses, I am able to see much better using the pinhole glasses. I was quite amazed at how well they work in helping me see when I first got them. I’m nearsighted with a slight degree of astigmatism, and I think my nearsightedness is probably worse than the average person. If I were to wear no glasses, everything looks rather fuzzy and blurry to me. So I really wasn’t expecting much at first before I tried the pinhole glasses.

But I was surprised at how well the pinhole glasses allowed me to see when I first tried them. While things did not crisp and clear as they do with my regular eyeglasses, I was able to see much more clearer, and I was able to see the lines and edges around the objects much better – far better than I imagined possible without corrective lenses.

I was able to watch television fine without any corrective lenses, using just the pinhole eyeglasses. For example, without any glasses, everything is basically a blur on the TV, but with the pinhole glasses on, sitting at my normal spot, I found that I could actually read some of the text on the screen. I also found that when I wear the pinhole glasses outside, my eyesight is even better. That was $5 well spent!