Buy Prescription Glasses – What Are the Advantages to Buy Prescription Glasses Online?

You may have seen plenty of websites or adverts on television where you can buy prescription glasses online, and you may have wondered how that works or what the advantages are. Surely, something like buying eyewear is something you need an expert to do and fit for you, and in some cases you would be right, but generally, it is actually advantageous to buy online.

Before we go any further, it is firstly important to get an up to date eye test. Now, for this, I’m afraid you do have to go to your local opticians to get this done. I don’t know if it will ever be possible to get tests done online, but who knows what the future will bring?

So, go to the opticians, get your eyes checked and then make sure he gives you the prescription.

With this prescription, you are in a very strong position to buy prescription glasses online. But why? Why not just buy a pair when at the opticians?

Ok, here are five reasons why it is more advantageous to buy online:

1. The range of choice is enormous. For example, one online company has over 100,000 frames in its range! (I’m not saying you should look at every single frame, but you get the gist).

2. Online companies have lower overheads than high street shops. Guess what, that means they can sell prescription glasses for less – which of course means you save money!

3. Because of this monetary saving, it means you could buy a more expensive pair of glasses that you wouldn’t normally have been able to afford. Or you could buy two pairs for less than what you would pay in the high street.

4. Most online stores have fantastic money back guarantees, even if you make a mistake with choice or entering the prescription info in.

5. There are loads of coupon codes that you can find on the net which when applied to the company you choose means you can make even more savings! Or get an optional extra like free tinting at no extra cost.

The majority of online glasses retailers have opticians working for them, or have manufactured eyewear for years, so you can be generally assured that you are getting good quality.

So you can see already there are great advantages to buy prescription glasses online rather than going to your local optician. There are plenty of other pros to buying this way, but in summary, the range of choice is phenomenally greater, and the price is much cheaper! What else could you need?

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