Prescription Glasses – Choosing a Frame Shape For Prescription Glasses

If you are selecting frames to go with your prescription glasses, it is important that you make a good decision that matches your individual face type. A good frame for your glasses will accent your good features and downplay your bad ones. However, a bad frame for your glasses will do just t he opposite, making you look worse than you actually do naturally. As you can see, it is vital to choose a good set of frames for your glasses, particularly because you will probably be wearing them for many years. What follows should help you to make a good decision.

Sometimes, a good technique can be choosing glasses that contrast with the shape of your face. For example, if your face is very narrow at the bottom and wide at the top, you can often achieve a good effect by choosing frames that are narrow at the top and wide at the bottom. In a similar strategy, you might choose wide topped, narrow bottomed glasses if you have a narrow forehead and a broad face. If your face is broad and square in general, you might choose narrow frames. Overall, this strategy can work, but always try on glasses and trust your judgment over the rules.

In addition to general rules, you should also consider rules that are specific to your particular type of face shape. For example, if your face is relatively round and oval shaped, you might want to choose glasses that are slightly wider than your face. If your face is more circular, you might try to use narrow frames for your prescription glasses. In addition to this, you might be better off with frames that use sharp angles. If your face is diamond shaped, you might be better off with oval shaped frames. Again, your own sense of style is better than any rule.

As you can see, there are many decisions that you have to make about the type of frames you choose to go with your prescription glasses. Luckily, there is a good selection of rules that you can follow to narrow down your choices. Using these rules, you can make an informed decision about what frame shape best suits your particular face type. However, it is important to remember that your personal taste is more important than anything, and that nothing is stopping you from breaking these rules if you feel the need to do so.